Technical Office

The Cantarini Meccaniche has a technical office competent and innovative ready to respond to any customer need, who also runs a tested and detailed system of collection data methods, Rates & Speeds committed, simple or complex it is. This system makes it possible to constantly maintain and analytically under control the totality and quality of processes, and that in all the wide range of products / services offered, it also gives the Cantarini mechanics advise and propose optics in full collaboration in the customer, the best technological solutions and process to be applied to the management of requests and / or problems of the customer, the company specializing further in the following fields of application:

  • Contracts “prototype” to be achieved in a short time and where costs must be contained. The consultation of historical data acquired allows, from the beginning of the preventive to center the real cost of the job and the relative time required for manufacturing, and a subsequent analytical and careful monitoring “process”, then allows you to refine the subsequent industrialization of the product and thus the production in series;
  • Complete management of an entire workgroup. Perfect planning of the order, including the management of production of mechanical components and sub-supplies, , assembly and final test. Process that enables the delivery of a controlled product and guaranteed “turnkey”.