Structural Carpentry

The Mechanical Cantarini always sensitive to the needs of the market, has decided to invest in the sector of structural steelwork intended for civil, industrial and infrastructure, incorporating in managing this product know-how acquired in 40 years of operation in the engineering industry much more specific and restrictive, and the established and well-established organization certified. These aspects combined with technological equipment for working available, help to add great value to the components produced for structural steelwork, making them of fact PRODUCTS AND PRODUCTION MORE ‘TO EXCELLENT.

Consequently, the regard goes to current regulations for these types of production, and for so that the Cantarini Mechanical has of a system of “Production Control in the factory (FPC)” certificate and consequently is qualified according to the UNI EN1090-1: 2012 , which makes it of fact a certified manufacturer, CE marked for welded components destined for metal structural work structural civil, industrial and infrastructure, a compulsory requirement in the National and European territory since 01/07/2014.

The Cantarini produce the particulars behind the design of the structure provided by the client, but in collaboration with external structures and highly qualified, also offers the following services:

  • Assembly on site (including mounting accessories)