How we operate

The Cantarini Meccaniche Srl is a small company consisting of ca.20 unit, however, proudly adopting principles and models of large industrial companies.

It ‘a flexible and dynamic company, clearly aimed at complete customer satisfaction. Solid principles combined high experience in more than 40 years of business, we have always ensured a continued trust from customer

The Cantarini Meccaniche Srl, rather than the supplier can be defined as a genuine strategic partner for the long term that goes beyond simply providing mechanical components.
In fact, we are distinguished by:

  • Understanding and careful study of the real needs of the client and its problem-solving
  • High technical competence shared with the client (feed-back on new projects for improving manufacturing processes and products)
  • Indices of customer complaints approaching zero and consequently high levels of satisfaction
  • Very fast response time of job management, thanks to processes of preparation and planning committed rigorous and almost totally computerized
  • Capacity to manage highly complex job orders
  • Performance guarantees in terms of price, delivery time and of course quality

Some indicators of high efficiency (on an annual basis – as at 31/12/2013):

  • Average delivery time for customer order calculate in 28 days not working with a calculated average of produced parts nr.946
  • Ratio of the cost of non-quality on sales of 0.4%
  • Average days of delay delivery 0,7gg not working
  • Customer satisfaction index of 8.4 / 10